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Each year about 15% of all lighting purchases are made online.

Most of these purchases are made through a handful of websites that have grown to dominate internet lighting sales.  Many of these sales transactions are encouraged and facilitated by vendor websites which have direct links allowing shoppers to easily buy from these e-commerce sites.  This partnership between lighting manufacturers and e-commerce sites, leaves the brick and mortar showroom out to dry.

It is understandable that lighting vendors and manufactures want a piece of the e-commerce pie.  Unfortunately, in their pursuit of that piece of the pie, traditional lighting showrooms are being left with just the crumbs.  It is hard enough for a traditional lighting showroom to thrive without its vendors directing consumer sales to e-commerce sites owned by companies like Lowe's.

In years past, lighting showrooms have been concerned that e-commerce sites were willing and able to sell lighting at margins lower than they can.  With the acceptance and enforcement of IMAP (Internet Minimum Advertised Price) over the past few years, this concern is no longer valid.  In fact, most major lighting vendors have an IMAP policy which guarantees that online prices will be about the same as those found in brick and mortar lighting showrooms.

Today's concern is the fact that lighting vendors are sending customers directly from their company websites to e-commerce sites and bypassing brick and mortar lighting stores.

Here's the rub:
Brick and mortar showrooms have thousands of dollars invested in a vendors' product on display and in their warehouses.

Some customers are using brick and mortar showrooms as selection centers, then go online to make their purchase.

Manufactures' websites promote this behavior by directing customers to e-commerce sites, and bypassing the brick and mortar showrooms.

Local lighting sales reps are loosing commission, brick and mortar showrooms are losing as much as 15% of their sales revenue, and communities are loosing employment and tax benefits from local retail sales.

The solution:
Lighting manufactures should stop facilitating customer purchases through their online e-commerce partners like LightingUniverse.

Manufactures should remove any links from their company websites that encourage customers to "buy online".

Manufactures should stop drop-shipping to areas outside a distributor's market place.

Who wins?
Brick and mortar showrooms and the vendors!  Let's face it, once a customer has made the decision to buy a particular item, the only question is, where are they going to buy it?  Online, or in a local showroom?

What can you do?

  1. Start by spreading the word to other brick and mortar lighting showrooms!  Print some "Brick and Mortar Lighting" labels and attach them to your purchase orders, bill payments and vendor correspondence. 
  2. Talk to your lighting vendors that have a "buy online" button.
  3. Order Brick and Mortar Lighting buttons and wear them at the Dallas Lighting Markets.
  4. Email other lighting showrooms, including your competitors, a link to this website.  Link this site to your Facebook page.
  5. Don't sit on the sidelines and complain, get involved!

An open letter to lighting vendors. (click)

Contact us and we will keep you in the loop.

Major lighting manufactures are directing online purchases through a hand full of e-commerce sites. 

Many of these sites do not have a "showroom presence" and operate as virtual stores, without showing or stocking any inventory.  These internet companies rely on traditional lighting showrooms to display the merchandise for their customers to view. 

One of the biggest internet lighting distributors is part of a larger group of internet stores that is owned by Lowe's.  This e-commerce site is featured on most of the major lighting manufactures' sites with a direct link to purchase product online.

   Click to enlarge.

The screen shot above
(click it to enlarge) shows how this lighting manufacturer is directing customers to e-commerce sites.  Local showrooms with e-commerce sites are not listed as a destination.

To see if your favorite lighting manufacture's website directs sales away from your store, go to their official vendor website then, a) search or click on a specific item or item number, b) get to the detail page on that item and, c) look for a link that says "buy online" and click it.
is not affiliated with any other organization or group.  
Our mission is to encourage lighting vendors to stop facilitating online, e-commerce sales. 

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